Melita Mojata Prikazna

My Story

Секој од нас, носи во себе…некаков талент и страст од одредена област…

Мојата страст се цвеќињата, дизајнот и убавите бои…

In 2016, I started working passionately on creations with silk and flowers.

Prior to this, for many years I was making bouquets from natural flowers that brought joy to many weddings.

This worked great for me and my clients.

On May 17th, 2019, I had a big exhibition of silk flowers at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Skopje.

The exhibition was very well attended!

To my great satisfaction, the flower exhibits were very well received by the audience and most of them were sold!

This gave me a great incentive to continue pursuing my passion with great enthusiasm even to this day!


Flower arrangements are exhibits and part of the exhibition.

The exhibition was placed in the BUSINESS CATALOG FOR 2019, as one of the events that marked the year 2019

Acrylic Paintings on canvas