Lavander Calmness


Lavander Calmness

Original price was: 9,000 ден.Current price is: 4,500 ден.

For more details on the order of your choice:

The height of the flowers is 0.9m

Materials used:

  • Natural tree brunches
  • Crystals
  • Tulle
  • (small) details in the arrangements: snails, birds, butterflies

Size of the Flower arrangement: 

  • The arrangement can be made according to your expectations & needs
  • Arrangements made in glass wases that range from small up to 1,5 m in height
  • The size of the complete arrangement (Wase & Flower arrangement) can be up to 2 m in height
  • In addition, there are flower arrangement without glass wases that are made on wooden handle


  1. Valued customer, besides being able to order any of our flow arrangements (in any colors and sizes), we can also custom design flower arrangement according to your needs & expectations. The choice is yours!
  2. Let us know if you need the flowers for your apartment, house, office space, hotel or hospital…
  3. Let us know the color of your interieur is…
  4. Let us know your favorite flower…
  5. Let us know your favorite color…
  6. Let us know the color of your interieur is…
  7. Do you need if for a happy or sad occasion…
  8. We will custom build and design it to all your expectations. We would be happy do discuss and exceed your expectations with our unique flower arrangement. Call us, we are looking forward hearing from you.